Mentawai - beautiful and mysterious primitive tribe of Indonesia! 4/27/2016 •

Mentawai - beautiful and mysterious primitive tribe of Indonesia!

Though we live in the era of urbanization and super technologies, there are still a dozen primitive tribes on the planet. One such tribe can be found in Indonesia. Thanks to a photographer from Malaysia we have a marvelous chance to learn about their everyday life and traditions!

These people live isolated lives amid jungles on Mentawai islands, far away from cities or any other signs of civilization. They are an indigenous population of Indonesia and one of the current 300 ethnic groups of the country.

Mentawai people have always been isolated from the outer world and this fact, perhaps, explains why this primitive society has maintained its traditional culture. These people still do the same as their ancestors. They fish, gather bananas and raise domesticated animals. Their life mode is simple and doesn’t change over the course of time.

Mentawai people believe in spirits of nature, tell fortunes by guts of animals, and worship the sacred old man Teteu, the ferocious god of earthquakes. They tattoo their bodies and even file their teeth. Both procedures are quite painful, but all this is for the sake of beauty!

The Malaysian photographer, Mohammed Saleh Bin Dollah, got a wonderful opportunity to spend a month with the Mentawai tribe and here are his best pictures taken during his stay there.

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