Miniature Peacock spiders, most beautiful arachnids in the world, perform amazing love dance for their females! 7/12/2016 •

Miniature Peacock spiders, most beautiful arachnids in the world, perform amazing love dance for their females!

Could you even imagine that spiders may dance? But some of them really do!

In order to attract attention of its beloved, a peacock spider has to perform a long and complicated dance with many different movements. But if the dance is not good enough, the poor spider may be eaten by its unsatisfied spectator.

Peacock spider is a general name for an arachnid that belongs to the genus Maratus. The unusual sexual behavior of these spiders has long been a subject of numerous researches. However, scientists still don’t know much about this extraordinary creatures.

The genus consists of 43 species and all of them but one are endemic to Australia. Male peacock spiders are characterized by bright, colorful abdominal patterns whereas females lack such decoration. The spiders are quite miniature being 5 mm long.

Love dance performed by a male spider lasts from 4 to 50 minutes. It includes both various movements and special vibratory signals so that a female could not only see the performance, but feel it as well.

Biologists from the University of California and the University of New South Wales have recently published results of their interesting research. They placed 64 male peacock spiders and 64 virgin female peacock spiders into special boxes imitating natural environment. All courtship dances were captured by special cameras and vibration sensors.

According to the published results, only 16 out of 64 male spiders managed to “win a heart” of their beloved. If a female didn’t like the performance it started swaying its body. In case the dancer couldn’t improve the situation, the female killed and ate the unfortunate admirer. Interestingly, after killing, female spiders didn't pay attention to any other dancers and remained virgin.

Unfortunately, the researchers couldn’t find out the reason why females preferred to stay unfertilized.

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