Miraculous friendship between a tiger and a goat! 12/20/2015 •

Primorsky Safari Park in Russia is a part of the national program on breeding Siberian tigers in captivity. Every week tigers should receive live food. Amur the tiger has hunted and eaten dozens of live goats and rabbits, but strangely enough, he didn’t touch one goat and now they are almost inseparable!

Amur is a relatively young tiger. He is three years old and has always hunted and killed all animals that were intended to be his food. Until now.

In the second half of November, the tiger as usual was going to stalk a goat, but this goat proved to be different from others – he fought back! To every Amur’s attempt to kill it the hoofed animal replied with his own attack! It seems that the goat won the tigers respect at last and Amur didn’t try to kill him anymore.

The administration of the safari park decided to let the two animals stay together and since then their relationship has started to develop. According to Dmitry Mezentsev, the safari park director, the goat named Timur treats Amur as a leader and follows him everywhere! Amur in his turn doesn’t mind such a neighbor and even feels worried when the goat isn’t somewhere around. If the friends are separated during the night, Amur is nervous and roars most of the time.

At present, the zookeepers feed the tiger with rabbits only to minimize the risk of killing Timur.

Many people all around the world are amazed at the story of unlikely friendship and keep up with the news about Amur and Timur!

And what do you think about the phenomenal friendship? Does Amur the tiger really respect the goat or just wait for a chance to kill him?


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