Mom Created A Harry Potter Room For Her Kids 1/9/2016 •

Mom Created A Harry Potter Room For Her Kids

Do you like to read kind books? Then, you can understand why we are so inspired with the great idea of turning an ordinary cupboard under the stairs into a magic room "for wizards only".

Courtney Bonnet is a librarian. When she moved into a new house, she knew exactly what to do with the cupboard under the stairs. She used old Harry Potter books to paper the walls and she managed to turn the tiny space under the stairs into a wizard's room for her kids.

This wonderful woman loves the magic world of Harry Potter so much, she decided to create her own! Besides, she is pretty crafty and just wanted her kids to have their own secret room. She hopes her children will enjoy reading books as much as she does. We hope so too!

Do you like to read too? Would you like to make such a room for your kids? Tell us in the comments below!

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