Most adorable snakes and their fancy hats! 11/15/2015 •

Some people say that snakes and hats go together like baked-potato and pancakes. Why then people start putting hats on their snakes? The answer is - because it makes every snake look fantastically cute!

What do you think of serpent-cosplay? You might be afraid of snakes, but a snake in the hat looks harmless, doesn't it? Besides, such lovely costumes remind you that it's time to party!

Just have a look at this handsome young man:

He is not the only one. We will show you more fancy snakes and hats, so you will be able to choose your favorite!

Ladies first:

Aren't they elegant?

Meet the queen!

They are stylish girls and like bright colors


Now, it's gentlemen time:

Just a tiny snake wearing a tiny hat and mustache

Congratulations! You are a Daddy now!

Just a few more gentlemen...

Now, you are welcome to meet:

A cowboy

A fairy

Super Mario Bros

Arab guys?!

A seaman

A model

Cute bunnies

A birthday boy

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