​Mother creates wonderful pictures of her children in hand-made costumes that will take you into a fairytale! 5/23/2016 •

Anna Rozwadowska is an ordinary mother of two kids. One day she came up with an idea that made her extremely popular across the web!

Ann, a primary school teacher from Poland, has always loved to take photographs of her kids Jacob and Barbara. As a true loving parent, she took thousands of their pictures, but then Anna decided to organize an unusual photo session.

Anna was eager to create a fairy-tale and happy mood in her pictures and to render the atmosphere of childhood. For this, she started tailoring beautiful children’s costumes for photo sessions.

The costumes and photographs appeared so incredibly beautiful and magical, that now Anna has hundreds of fans over the world who are looking forward to her new wonderful works.

According to Anna, she makes all the costumes from various available and cheap materials. A photo session lasts for 10-15 minutes, so that the kids don’t get tired. All the photographs are spontaneous and not staged: the mother just tells her children a magical story and then captures their emotions.

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