Mourning rings were popular in Europe up to the 19th century 8/29/2015 •

People always remember those who passed away. The tradition of grieving for the bereavement is as old as the civilized society itself.

Almost every representative of antiquity used to wear so called "jewelry of sorrow". For example, the Greeks wore rings ornamented with skulls, bones, symbolic gems or figures of their gods.

The Mourning rings were crafted in multiple variations. Some people had rings with locks of their beloved hidden in a special cavity. The trend came to Europe only in the 18th century, but in fact, the tradition of hair braided rings (and other jewelry) is of the distinct Mexican origin. All Mexican women used to gather all their hair that fell during combing. The procedure presupposed that this hair would be put into those women's graves after their death. The process was a kind of ritual, mostly due to some superstitions.

Another type of mourning rings is even older than the hair braided jewelry. Modest jewelry with the words "memento mori" on it was really popular during the medieval period. That time the aim of the mourning ring was mostly to remind people that nothing is everlasting. This grave trend became totally old-fashioned only in the 19th century.

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