NASA chose the “Ice House” as a habitat for the first colonists on Mars! 1/10/2016 •

NASA chose the “Ice House” as a habitat for the first colonists on Mars!

On September 27, 2015 Nasa awarded three finalists of the 3-D Printed Habitat Challenge Design Competition. It is a part of NASA’s Centennial Challenges program and is managed by America Makes. It is hard to say when the winning project will be realized on Mars, but the earthly prototype of the house is said to be built soon.

The project presupposes an outside ice skin and an inside living module.

But why actually ice? First of all, the ice skin will protect the dwellers from solar and cosmic radiation. Besides ice is transparent and will let the sunbeams into the inside. And third, the material for the skin is almost inexhaustible, because it will be constructed from Martian ice: special rovers will extract water from the ice below the surface and apply it to form the skin.


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