Nature wins the battle against civilization: the plants that can grow anywhere 10/25/2016 •

Hope is the most powerful thing in the world, and even plants know that...

Humanity has changed the Earth so much. From year to year our cities are growing faster and faster, and many people believe we have already mastered the beautiful nature of our unique planet. But are they right? Unlikely. The power of nature is endless, and it has always been stronger than we are.

Today we have everything we can dream about in our homes, and our concrete fortresses seem to be indestructible. But if we abandoned these buildings today and returned several years later, we might find nothing but trees, flowers and grasses growing right out of the walls of the houses...

These beautiful plants know nothing about giving up. They can grow anywhere there is a small amount of water, little light and a glimpse of hope...

What do you think about that? Do you have your own photos of beautiful plants? We are waiting for your thoughts and photographs in the comments

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