One more puzzle for your experienced brain. Can you solve the famous children's riddle? 2/10/2016 •

One more puzzle for your experienced brain. Can you solve the famous children's riddle?

The children's puzzle leaves most adults flummoxed. The question is whether YOU are able to solve it?

We are going to ask you one simple question: which direction the bus is travelling in? Think about it for a while and then read the explanation below the pic.

Most children (80% of them) solve the puzzle instantly!

However, this brain teaser turns out to be really difficult for grown ups. Adults just scratch their heads and don't have a slightest idea that all they need is to use simple visual clues.

Adults look at the picture of a yellow bus with identical windows at either end and try to determine where is the front or back of the bus. However, the key to solving the riddle is the fact that you see no passenger door. That's why if you are in Japan, the correct answer is that the bus is traveling to the right; if you live in the United States the bus is going on the left.

Did you manage to solve the puzzle? Then, you are welcome to post your result (time) in the comments below!

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