One more story of people's kindness or the rescue of Sir Silas! 12/8/2015 •

One more story of people's kindness or the rescue of Sir Silas!

Do you remember the story of the rescued Biscuits? Well, today we will tell you about another lucky guy. His name is Silas. He was found sick and hungry on the side of the road by Florida family. They adopted him and nursed him back to health. Now he is healthy and plump.

What a lucky platinum blonde! He went a long way from starving to living in a cozy house among people who really love him. Recently, his new family adopted one more feline who became Silas' best friend.

Can you imagine that once this handsome guy was a small dirty creature with red eyes? Today this awesome fluffy furball is an internet celebrity. He even has his own Instagram account!

The power of love and kindness is unlimited. Love has changed the life of this kitten greatly. And you know what? You can change lives of stray animals too!

Just look at this royal-looking buddy!

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