One of the most romantic and touching love stories is being told by giant steel statues! 10/18/2015 •

One of the most romantic and touching love stories is being told by giant steel statues!

Is there anything more exciting and powerful than love? The greatest love stories tell us about Adam and Eve, Romeo and Juliet, but today we will show you the love story you have probably never heard about before!

Once upon a time there lived a Muslim boy Ali. He was tall and strong and handsome, but still poor and low-blooded. He fell in love with Georgian princess whose name was Nino. It is obvious that their love had no chances as they were raised in different religions. Their cultural backgrounds and social statuses were unequal too. They got married despite everything, but the lovebirds have never been given an opportunity to live happily. They were separated for eternity by the invasion of the Soviet Union.

In Georgian city Batumi you can see two giant statues looking at each other - Ali and Nino. The steel installation was created by the famous Georgian artist, Tamara Kvesitadze

Every night the statues are illuminated, presenting a magnificent view.

And this is how Ali and Nino could have looked like in real life:

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