One of the most touching Christmas fairy-tales will make you long for this holiday! 12/2/2015 •

Do you believe in magic? We have watched this video and now we truly do...We believe in people's kindness and generosity. And we want you to belive in goodness too!

It's such a pity that Christmas could not last the whole year! Still, that's why Christmas is something special, isn't it? Our dreams of magic reveals in the light that gleams from the facets of every snowflake and in the flicker of every hearthfire.

Christmas is a time for finding peace in our own hearts and bringing light to lives of other people.

What do we associate with Christmas - feelings of warmth, safety, love and peace? The video tells us the truth: the magic (and all these wonderful feelings) can be created by a human himself/herself. Be kind to each other!

And what's your opinion? Are you waiting for Christmas? What do you like about this holiday most? Tell us in the comments below!

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