Photographers spent 32 days to take a picture of this gigantic tree! 10/5/2015 •

Photographers spent 32 days to take a picture of this gigantic tree!

This colossal sequoia tree is not only extremely high, but very old as well: it started growing about 3200 years ago! Because of the tremendous size and location amid the forest, it was impossible to take a photo of the whole tree. National Geographic team was the first to do it!

The tree grows in the Giant Forest within Sequoia National Park in the western Sierra Nevada of California. It was given a name of President.

The giant sequoia is 246 ft (75 m) high, and its volume is 45,026 ft3 or 1,275 m3.

The trunk of the tree is 26.2 ft (8 m) in diameter. Its mighty branches carry approximately 2 billion needles, this is much more than any other conifer on the planet has.

A team of photographers and scientists from National Geographic used a lot of various equipment for scaling duplication of the tree that is regarded by some as the biggest one in the World (though this is rather disputable).

After 32 days of hard work and combining of 126 photographs into one continuous image, the team managed to create a fantastic picture of President! Here it is:

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