Powerful story of a girl who after being diagnosed with cancer, decides to visit 7 world wonders! 5/20/2016 •

This story can really make you reconsider your way of life and teach you to value what you have.

Megan Sullivan, a 31-year old woman from San Francisco, has recently experienced a very hard period in her life. First, she fell 15 meters while climbing a mountain, then she was hit by a car and finally she discovered she has a skin cancer. All these dispiriting events happened within a month. Now you can imagine what the woman felt like at the time.

However, Megan didn’t surrender to despair but instead interpreted the whole situation as a sign. A sign that it’s high time to change her life. And she started with a decision to travel to 7 new world wonders. After some time of preparation, Megan managed to visit them all just in 13 days in the company of a guy whom she had been known for 2 weeks only.

Now when she finished her journey, Megan keeps travelling and leading an active way of life. She regularly posts photo and video reports of her adventures on Instagram and other social networks and hopes her story will inspire other people to reconsider their own way of life and values.

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