Prisoner escapes by faking a bail letter 9/2/2015 •

Prisoner escapes by faking a bail letter

A witty scammer Neil Moore smoothly escaped from the London prison, deceiving the prison guards and the authorities of the colony.

Loss of a prisoner was discovered when lawyers came to prison to talk to the 28-year-old guy. It turned out that three days earlier Neil was released after a forged letter with an order to free him was delivered to the prison.

The man found a smartphone and registered a fake domain that was very similar to the one used by the judicial service. Then he sent an e-mail to prison with an order to have the convict released. The letter had a link to the fraud website, name of a detective-inspector responsible and information about the Royal Court.

After some time, Neil Moore gave himself up to the authorities and confessed of all his crimes, specifically of 8 acts of fraud.

The man was jailed after he received about 1.8 million pounds on a fake identity. Under the name of representatives of various banks he called commercial organizations, urging them to trust him with large sums. To make it sound convincing, he learned to mimic different male and female voices. By switching voices at the right time he made it seem that the phone was handed from one employee to another.


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