Quokka selfie is the cutest tradition on Instagram! 8/11/2016 •

The selfies never end on the Internet, and everyone is tired of this form of narcissism. But these photos will definitely make you smile!

Meet quokkas, the small inhabitants of the Western Australian islands. Have you ever seen the photos of these animals? Recently they've become extremely popular online as one of the cutest and happiest members of the the animal kingdom. Quokkas are close relatives of kangaroos, as the two species belong to the macropod family. These nocturnal marsupials usually dwell in swamps and scrublands.

As their populations are declining, it's forbidden to keep quokkas at home and disturb their life in the wild. Anyway, these guys turn out to be quite amiable fellows always ready to make friends with humans. They usually visit campsites looking for adventures and, of course, food. As the result, someone took a selfie with a quokka once, and that was a start of a new flashmob on Instagram. It has been popular for more than a year now!

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Aren't quokkas photogenic? Do you want to take a selfie with a quokka? We are waiting for your comments!

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