Researchers have come to a conclusion that sweet fizzy water may provoke a brain hemorrhage 9/25/2015 •

Researchers have come to a conclusion that sweet fizzy water may provoke a brain hemorrhage

Scientists of The University of Louisiana carried out a long-term experiment and found out that sweet fizzy drinks have an impact on blood pressure. And this impact is far from being positive.

The researchers were observing 810 volunteers of different age (from 25 to 79) throughout eighteen months. All the members of this experimental group suffered from high blood pressure. The experts were supervising their diet and mode of life.

During the first stage of the experiment, the volunteers had one glass of sweet fizzy drink every day. During the second stage, the amount of drink was reduced to half a glass. All the 810 people took different medical tests on a daily basis.

After having considered all the data, the scientists concluded that during the second stage the volunteers experienced weight loss and decrease in blood pressure and as a consequence, the risk of brain hemorrhage was reduced by 8%.

"Sweet fizzy drinks do a lot of harm to our organism", claim the authors of the experiment. "If you have two glasses of such drink daily, you are likely to have hypertension and even blood-stroke in the future. Besides, you may have a weight problem".

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