Researchers have discovered the number 1 taboo subject for the British 9/23/2015 •

Researchers have discovered the number 1 taboo subject for the British

People of Great Britain prefer to talk about their sexual life rather than about their income. This conclusion was made after one of the biggest polls about sexual life in the world.

The researchers from University College London (UCL) interviewed about 15 thousand British people of both sexes and found out that the majority of them (97%) are ready to tell a stranger about their sexual experience, about the number of their sexual partners, about infidelities and even about sexually transmitted infections they got. On the other hand they refused to talk about their income. Only 20% of all interviewed people agreed to answer the question about the amount of money they earn, but almost nobody talked about their family's total income.

"Most of the interviewees started to feel at ease from the very beginning of the conversation. They liked the idea to talk to a stranger about sex. They described their affairs and partners in detail, but they flatly refused to talk about their income", says one of the researchers Soazig Clifton.

The researchers have also discovered that British women had an average of 4 sexual partners during their life (it's two times as much as in 1990s) and British men had 6 lovers on average. In spite of the increase in number of sexual partners British people on average have sex more seldom now than in 1990s – three times per month instead of five.

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