Scientists found the gene responsible for reducing lifespan because of stress and bad mood! 5/31/2016 •

Scientists found the gene responsible for reducing lifespan because of stress and bad mood!

It’s high time to start fighting your stress and depression since researchers have found proof of the famous belief that all illnesses are caused by bad mood and distress!

A team from Indiana University School of Medicine and the Scripps Research Institute of California have recently published the results of their profound and complicated research aimed at discovering direct correlation between premature aging and stress or depression.

The conclusions made by the researchers are extremely interesting not only for the academic community but for common people as well. They prove that great stresses many of us are constantly experiencing may lead to aging of the organism and consequently to serious disorders.

This thorough investigation included experiments with Caenorhabditis elegans, a tiny 1mm nematode or worm, which is frequently used worldwide as a model organism in genetics, neurophysiology, molecular biology etc.

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