Scientists have discovered a new planet in the solar system! 1/23/2016 •

On the 20th of January scientists from California Institute of Technology Dr Mike Brown and Dr Konstantin Batygin reported they have strong evidence that there is an unknown massive planet which orbit is far beyond Neptune and Pluto.

According to the researchers, the newly discovered object doesn't fall under the category of dwarf planets. On the contrary, it proves to be rather big with the mass about 10 Earths.

Dr Brown and Dr Batygin have never observed the planet with the help of telescopes: they know about it due to numerous calculations. For instance, its gravitation has a considerable impact upon distant objects in the Kuiper Belt.

It’s early to talk about its physical characteristics other than mass and orbit because more thorough research is needed. First and foremost, the existence of Planet X has to be confirmed by direct observations. Still scientists suppose it may resemble Neptune or Uranus.

The orbit of Planet X is enormously distant from the sun: it is 20 times as far as the orbit of Neptune!

What’s more interesting, it may be not the only massive object or even planet located in the periphery of the Solar System and which waits to be discovered: our system is huge, the gravitational influence of the Sun reaches almost 100,000 astronomical units! As a comparison, the objects of the Kuiper Belt are located at the maximum distance of 80 astronomical units. Thus, huge space still needs to be explored.

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