Shanghai scientists created a new liquid that can be sliced like a solid! 2/9/2016 •

This brand-new liquid material can be sliced and given different shapes! It may resemble gelatin, but in fact this is water with a special hydrophobic coating.

This liquid plasticine was developed by the team of Tongji University in Shanghai, China. The team have improved the technique of stabilizing droplets as liquid marbles. For this, they coated droplets of water in monolayer of silica using a unique method. This means a droplet is covered with a layer that is only one-molecule thick!

When this liquid play-dough is cut into slices or molded, it holds the shape. At the same time, droplets can easily merge as ordinary water.

The droplets are transparent and stable at one and the same time, and can be used as innovative lenses or small containers for chemical reactions.

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