Shocking social experiment: a child actress was dressed first as a poor and then as a rich girl! 7/20/2016 •

This experiment by Unicef has provoked a heated discussion on the Internet. Its aim was to find out how people would react to a rich and poor child being alone in a public place. The results were quite surprising.

The experiment was held in Tbilisi, Georgia. Anano, a six-year old actress, was first dressed in good clothes. When she walked along the streets alone as if she was lost, people paid attention to her. Some of them came up to the girl and asked if she needed help and where her parents were.

However, when Anano was dressed as a poor girl in shabby and dirty clothes, people didn’t even notice her. Nobody had ever come up or spoken to her. At first, the authors of the experiment hoped that people on the streets were too busy and thus, didn’t notice the child.

In the second part of the experiment, they asked Anano to enter one of Tbilisi cafés in order to see how people there would react to her. The results were almost the same. When Anano looked as an ordinary well-dressed child, people smiled and eagerly talked to her. When she looked as a homeless girl, she was totally ignored. When she tried to speak to somebody, people turned their backs or told her to go away. Some of them even seemed worried about their bags and other belongings. One of the café visitors was so rude, that Anano couldn’t help crying. She left the café in tears and the experiment was stopped.

According to Unicef, there are about 150 million homeless children in the world whose chances to die young are very high. Unfortunately, as the experiment showed, most people don't even pay attention to such children.

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And how would you react? Would you react differently to a poor child and a rich one?


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