Simpsonize me! These caricature portraits will make you smile! 11/16/2015 •

A young artist creates funny real life people's caricatures and makes the world smile. He says that there is nothing more pleasant than drawing a caricature portrait. We do believe him!

What does he do to create a caricature? First, he looks at the photo and smiles to the person he is going to draw. He talks to the people and says that they look nice that day.

However, the artist confesses that it is quite a challenge as sometimes he spends an hour just looking at people's faces, trying to find something peculiar about them. When he finds the feature that distinguishes the person from the 7 billion mass of people, he is ready to create!

Let's see, whether he managed to do the task:

Couple's portrait

Family portrait

Old lady's portrait

Friends' portrait

Dog's portrait

Bodybuilder's portrait

Guys' portraits

Girl's portrait

Doctor's portrait

Wedding portraits

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