Somebody Have Noticed You. The Funniest Animals Ever! 12/28/2015 •

How do you feel when somebody is watching you? Probably, not comfortable... However, these animals do not look scary - they are just adorable. Sometimes it seems that they are as smart as human beings are. Even though some of them are clearly outraged by your presence...

The creator of the project calls herself "a big photography nerd". She takes pictures of different animals, both domestic and wild. She has to be really patient as most of them disappear before she even takes the camera out of her bag. However, when she is lucky enough to meet less scared personalities, she takes wonderful shots of amazing models.

So, the young photographer gives you an excellent opportunity to enjoy the golden stare-off meeting!

What do you think about such an art? Which pic do you like most? Please, tell us in the comments below!

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