Specially for cat-lovers: all breeds of cats in one amazing infographic scheme! 6/13/2016 •

Pop Chart Lab, a studio that specializes on various infographics and posters, has created a new great infographic devoted to cat breeds. It is very demonstrative and easy in use. Let’s see whether you will be able to find your cat!

Of course, the infographic doesn't have anything to do with a serious scientific research in felinology, but still can serve as a good means to study the whole variety of cat breeds.

If you go to the page where the chart is located, you will be able to examine the scheme in detail with the help of a zoom. The process is exciting and interesting. You may check it out right now and then share your impressions!

Learn more with QuizzClub:

More Info:

Were you able to find your cat in the scheme? What do you think about this infographic? Tell us in the comments!


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