Stunning new project of a 117-meter building covered with evergreen trees! 12/9/2015 •

Stunning new project of a 117-meter building covered with evergreen trees!

Stefano Boeri is an Italian architect who is really fond of innovative technologies and tries to employ them in his every project. For example, now the architect is planning to construct a 36-floor tower all covered with trees and bushes.

La Tour des Cedres (The Tower of Cedar Trees) will be situated in Lausanne, Switzerland, and will contain more than one hundred evergreen trees, six thousand bushes and 18 thousand herbs. The whole size of the green area will be about three thousand square meters (or 0,3 ha).

The plants will protect the future dwellers from winds, dust and noise. The building will include apartments ranging in size from two to five bedrooms, as well as offices, a gym and a panoramic restaurant on its top floor.

"The Tower, also thanks to its shape and the changing colors of cedar trees and plants during the seasons, could become a landmark in the panorama of Lake Geneva," says the architect.

And what do YOU think about these projects? Would you like to live in one of the buildings?

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