Sudoku - one of the most exciting puzzles 9/12/2015 •

Sudoku - one of the most exciting puzzles

Today people have numerous opportunities to spend their leisure time. Lots of computer games and on-line puzzles are developed and released almost every month, but thousands of people all over the world still prefer to spend free time trying to solve Sudoku!

Many believe that Sudoku first appeared in Japan and then came to other countries. In fact, its prototype was invented by the mathematician Leonhard Euler in the 18 th century and got a name of «Carré latin» (Latin Square).

In 1970s U.S. scientists created a new numerical puzzle on the basis of the Latin Square and called it 'Number Place'. In 1979, the Dell Puzzle Magazine was the first to publish the puzzles. But it became really popular only after it started being published regularly by the Japanese magazine Nikoli in 1986.

The word Sudoku was derived from the Japanese 数字は独身に限 which means 'numbers save from loneliness'. According to another version, the word means 'numbers standing apart'.

Basically, this numerical puzzle is a square divided into 9 smaller squares each of them having 9 cells (each side of this small square has 3 cells). So, the whole gameboard has 81 cells in total.

There are various difficulty modes: the more cells are filled in with numbers (from 1 to 9) the easier the game is.

The aim of the puzzle is to fill in all empty cells in such a way so that every number should occur only once in every line and in every small square.

A few interesting facts about Sudoku:

In 2005 American scientist Bertram Felgenhauer found out that the common 9×9 Sudoku may have 6 670 903 752 021 072 936 960 combinations!

In June of the year 2008, a judge of one of the Australian courts stopped the trial, because 5 members of the jury were playing Sudoku instead of listening to the evidence presented.

By the way, you may try yourself in solving these exciting numerical puzzle right here!

Was it your first time or are you an experienced Sudoku player? How much time did it take you to solve our puzzle? Please share your comments!


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