Surrealistic tower cottage in Alaska! 4/13/2016 •

This impressive 12-story building dominates over endless Alaska forests as a fairy-tale watchtower. Local people call it "Dr. Seuss House" because it resembles much the illustrations by famous Theodor Geisel.

As the story goes, at first, it was quite an ordinary two-story cottage built in Willow, Alaska, soon after a large wildfire. The house had a beautiful view on Mt. Denali (former Mt. McKinley ) and Denali National Park. But when fire-damaged trees recovered, they obstructed the view and the owner decided to add two more stories. And then a couple more. And more... The man stopped only several years later when there were 12 stories already!

Some time ago for some unknown reasons, the wonder-house was abandoned and eventually went to seed. Fortunately, now the unique tower cottage seems to have a new owner who has started its restoration. We hope soon it will look even more magical!

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