Talented artist paints on water using an ancient Turkish art technique! 7/13/2016 •

The resulting pictures are just marvelous, but the process of their creation is no less wonderful. That's what I call magic!

Ebru is an old drawing method, when an artist paints right on water with special paints that do not mix.

Garip Ay is an Istanbul based artist who makes use of this curious and rare technique. Since this sort of drawing is extremely exciting to watch, Garip shots the videos of his creative process and publishes them on Facebook or YouTube.

At first, the artist covers the surface of water with various patterns. Then he changes the shape of these patterns with the help of special brushes and sticks.

Finally, when the painting is finished, Garip transfers it onto paper. Let’s watch the best videos by Garip and feel the magic of his art!

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