Tham Khoun Xe - one of the largest river caves in the world! 3/2/2016 •

If you are in search of unusual places to visit, this underground cave in Laos is certainly a perfect choice being one of the most curious and out-of-ordinary natural attractions in the world!

Tham Khoun Xe, also known as Xe Bang Fai River Cave, is one of the largest active river caves on the planet. The subterranean channel is about 7 km long thus attracting a lot of tourists and active rest lovers. The width of the cave is 60 m on average and some of the cave passages are 150 m high!

Ryan Deboodt, a kayaker and photographer from Beijing, spent two days exploring the cave. He managed to take beautiful pictures of the cave system and even shoot a video using an aerial drone with a camera.

The film and pictures are really impressive, though, of course, they cannot render all the grandeur and beauty of the place. The only way to seize it is to see it with one’s own eyes!

Would you like to visit Tham Khoun Xe? Have you ever explored any underground caves? Please share your experience in the comments below!

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