The cutest squirrel has her own instagram account! 10/12/2015 •

Her name is Jill and she is the sweetest creature ever! Once people saved her life when she fell out of her nest and now this tiny squirrel pays them back with all her love.

Jll is one of the most popular Instagram "users" as she has a gift for posing in front of the camera. She looks so charming!

This lady is also said to be into fashion trends.

She also likes sports. Her energy never dies!

This girl is a family member and she hates being alone.

Her human friends say that she likes to drink cold coffee in the morning.

Would you like to entertain her with Coke?

Is she the cutest squirrel or...a bunny?

When someone is getting very tired, he or she looks like:

And that's Jill when she feels sleepy:

She has many friends and some of them are not humans... but cats!

She is also a great party starter!

Don't you want such a friend who keeps an eye on you?

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