The eco-friendly floating city by AT Design 9/1/2015 •

The eco-friendly floating city by AT Design

The project of an ocean city under the name of Eco Atlantis has been developed by the company AT Design which specializes in formalization of innovative architecture ideas. The grand project will be brought to life by Chinese engineers from China Communications Construction Company. It has been claimed that the main aim of the project will be eco-friendly expansion of the urban areas in order to broaden the horizons of the future for the human race.

The Floating City will be quite different from ordinary modern metropolises with their polluted air and environment. The project aims at minimizing pollution and supporting the fragile balance of our current ecosystem.

Actually, the plan of the drifting eco-city is a continuation of another CCCC's project - a bridge between Macau, Hong Kong and Zhuhai. The engineers are going to use the same construction technologies for the Floating City.

The marvelous city will have two layers – an above ground layer and an underwater one. The city will provide its inhabitants with a lot of green areas (gardens and orchard-houses) and a convenient network of walkways for traversing the city. All the dwellers will have to use only electric cars in order to minimize the pollution. Besides, the city will have a large amount of waterways so that people should be able to use boats to reach their destinations.

The project includes a waste disposal center, a hatchery and a farm. And if you think that the city will serve only as a lab, you are mistaken! AT Design architects are also working on projects of creating an entertainment area for the city with hotels and clubs for tourists.

If the project of the Floating City becomes a reality, it will automatically lead us to the new era of eco engineering.

The project of an ocean city under the name of Eco Atlantis has been developed by the company AT Design which spec... in Quizzclub Games on LockerDome


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