The first ever plant grown in space looks terrific! 1/28/2016 •

The first ever plant grown in space looks terrific!

The mission of astronauts aboard the International Space Station is finally completed. Scot Kelly and his team have been trying to cultivate flowers in microgravity for nearly 2 years. Today the first flower grown in space makes its marvelous debut.

After a few failed attempts to grow flowers, the team managed to make the bunch of edible Zinnia flowers bloom in space. Does it mean that freeze-dried space food for astronauts may soon become a legend of the past? We think it really does. Last year Scott Kelly grew lettuce on board the same space station.

NASA wants astronauts to repeat their success by attempting to grow tomatoes in 2018. There is no need to say that such experiments are vital for future space missions as renewable food would enable astronauts to broaden their scope of space exploration.

The first "space flowers" are blooming!

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