The Glass Sky Pool is to Be Suspended Above London Streets! 10/6/2015 •

The Glass Sky Pool is to Be Suspended Above London Streets!

Up in the air! Architects are never tired of surprising us with their crazy ideas. Today they again prepared something special: an all glass swimming pool...but there is one more thing about the project that will surely blow your mind.

The British company Ballymore will build a swimming pool - well, there is nothing strange in it, isn't it? Unless you know that the pool will be transparent and suspended between the two tower-blocks. So it will be 115 ft above the ground!

Only the brave would venture to swim in such a pool, don't you think so? Actually, the creators of the project promise that swimming in the pool will be safe as it will be made of strong (about 8 inch) glass. The project will be the main decoration of the residential compound "Embassy Gardens".

While swimming in the pool, you will be able to enjoy the sight of the Westminster Cathedral and experience the feel of "floating" in the air. Sounds so exciting but for the opportunity to fly above London, you'll have to pay about 1,000,000 dollars - this will be the cost of the cheapest apartment!

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