The incredible supermoon phenomenon in stunning pictures 11/25/2016 •

About once a year, the moon becomes the supermoon, and it looks just awesome. Today we want to share some magnificent supermoon pictures with you.

  • On the 14th of November, 2016, we had an opportunity to watch the largest, brightest and most beautiful moon since 1948!
  • The term supermoon was first coined by astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979.
  • In fact, this phenomenon is just a curious coincidence of a full or new moon with the closest approach made by our natural satellite to the Earth. It results in the biggest size of the moon as seen from the planet.

The supermoon usually catches the world's interest, including amateur and professional photographers from all over the planet. We have chosen the best pictures of the supermoon we saw this year. Their beauty will surprise you. Enjoy!

Which one did you like most? Have you ever seen the supermoon? Tell us in the comments below and share your favorite photos with us!

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