The Japanese village Nagoro is populated mostly with dolls! 11/27/2015 •

This Japan’s village located in the valleys of Shikoku is a home to 37 people and about 350 dolls! We bet this is one of the most unusual places you have ever seen!

Tsukimi Ayano, a 65 year old woman, came back to this village 11 years ago and was astonished and depressed by the loneliness: some inhabitants died, some moved to towns.

At first the woman tried to plant seeds but they never sprouted, so she decided to make scarecrows. She liked the process so much that soon after that the place was full of dolls representing former inhabitants and Ayano’s dead relatives.

Now there are about 350 dolls in the area. They can be found almost everywhere. According to locals (all of them are older than 60), the dolls help them to avoid the feeling of loneliness and abandonment.

The situation in Nagoro is quite typical of modern Japan: the population is growing old very fast, young people prefer to leave small distant villages and towns for good. As a consequence, there are dozens of places populated only with pensioners living almost in isolation.

Ayano says her dolls have become the essence of her life and she cannot think of anything else.

The woman says that the most difficult part in creating dolls is to make faces:

This doll embodies the woman's father:

The local school shut down a few years ago now is full of pupils and teachers...

Ayano says she doesn't like to create weird dolls, she wants to make dolls that would suit the environment:

These dolls are waiting for the bus that will never come:

Some dolls do their job pretty well as scarecrows and banish birds from fields:

Thanks to Ayano's dolls the place gained some popularity and people come to Nagoro to see the woman and her creations.

Some people are even frightened by the dolls and some are sure the woman is unbearably lonely.

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