The last white rhino male has constant guards around it 8/19/2015 •

The last white rhino male has constant guards around it

Sudan, the last white rhino male was assigned 24-hour guards.

The wildlife sanctuary of Kenya shows great concern for the animals they protect. One of the guards in an interview said that as a rhino species starts to become extinct, the demand for their horns increases. The employees say the poachers are getting more reckless, and some guards already gave up their life protecting animals.

In 1960 the tally of white rhinos was 2250 animals. By 1980 only 15 of them were left. Such a drastic decrease is the fault of the poachers. In many cultures the horn is considered to have many healing powers and its price on the black market is really high.

Right now, there are only 5 animals left, and only one of them is male. The last male, aside from Sudan, died in December of 2014. He died from natural causes because he was already very old. He died in a San Francisco zoo at the age of 44.

Sudan is getting older too, and his health is not as good anymore. The chances of him getting a female pregnant are decreasing, so all we can do is to hope that he will have enough strength to prevent absolute extinction of his species.


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