The longest 600-feet-high glass bridge for thrill-seeking tourists! 9/30/2015 •

The longest 600-feet-high glass bridge for thrill-seeking tourists!

This scary bridge was built in the Chinese province of Hunan between two edges of a deep canyon. Tourists have already nicknamed it "Hero Bridge": one can be called a real hero if he/she has the heart to walk the whole way from one side to the other.

The construction is the longest suspension glass-bottomed bridge with the length about 984 ft! The bridge is said to wobble a bit because of the strong wind, so if you are one of those who seek for adrenaline buzz, you should certainly go there!

At first it was a suspension bridge with ordinary wooden bottom located in the national geopark Shibiuzhai, but even then it was rather thrilling. To attract more visitors, it was decided to eventually change the wooden bottom into glass panes. A group of 11 engineers worked several months in order to complete the reconstruction.

The construction seems very fragile, but experts claim it is absolutely safe: the thickness of the high-impact glass is 24 mm.

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