The love story of two storks takes the internet by storm! 4/20/2016 •

The love story of two storks takes the internet by storm!

This wonderful and touching story originates from Croatia where a couple of white storks has been nesting for 15 years already. Every winter, the birds have to part but in spring they reunite again. We’ve been totally amazed by the story and bet you will be, too!

Malena and Klepetan first made a nest on the rooftop of a cottage 15 years ago. Every year, during warm seasons they hatch eggs and take care of their chicks in Croatia, and at the end of summer the bird family migrates to South Africa… This is what the story of the two storks could have sounded but for one incident which happened a long time ago.

Some hunter injured Malena. She survived but couldn’t fly anymore and thus cover a huge distance to Africa and back. Since then Klepetan driven by instincts has had to migrate to Africa without his beloved, but every spring he keeps returning to Malena and their nest. The story seems especially astonishing because monogamy isn’t typical of white storks in contrast to swans, for example!

The birds have brought up 40 chicks by now. When Malena stays alone the owner of the cottage Stepan Vokich helps her to make it through the winter. Even in summer he provides the birds and their chicks with 10 kg of fresh fish daily!

This year Klepetan came back a week earlier and has already started to prepare the nest for a new generation of storks.

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