The most extraordinary fish species with a transparent head! 4/14/2016 •

Mother Nature keeps boggling one's imagination by its creativity and diversity. Here is yet another bright example!

The Barreleye or Macropinna Microstoma is a 15 cm deep-sea fish native to northern part of the Pacific Ocean. The most remarkable thing about the fish is its unusual exterior – it has a tiny mouth and a massive, totally transparent forehead!

Such forehead seems to shield the fish’s barrel eyes located inside its head which are capable of rotating both vertically and horizontally while the fish is looking out for prey. The unique eyes are of bright green color due to a special yellow pigment.

This unique species was discovered in 1939, but until 2009 biologists didn’t have an opportunity to study it well enough.

Though scientists have learnt a lot about the fish’s anatomy by now, they still know little about its behavior and way of life in the ocean. The main problem is that barreleyes live at the depth of 500 - 800 meters or even deeper!

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