The most fashionable grandpa has more style than modern hipsters! 12/3/2015 •

The most fashionable grandpa has more style than modern hipsters!

Fashion is for everybody - that's what Günther Krabbenhöft tries to say and he looks fabulous! This elderly gentleman has always dressed like a dandy and finds his dresses pretty normal. Well, we are impressed!

This man is one of the most fashionable men in Germany. The photos of him immediately go viral on the internet. Some sources assume that his age is about 104 years, but Günther himself says that the Internet doubled his age and finds it funny. His real age is a great mystery, though some sources reported that he is between 68-70 years old.

Günther likes being stylish. He says that he wants to look at himself with joy as his style is a reflection of his inner self.

We guess that modern hipsters could take a few lessons from this guy.

We wish we could look like him when we are 70! And what's your opinion? Do you like his style? You are welcome to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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