The most incredible beards of 2015 from World Beard and Moustache Championship! 1/1/2016 •

The most incredible beards of 2015 from World Beard and Moustache Championship!

The town of Legang in Austria famous for its ski resorts became home for the World Beard Championship 2015. This October the small town was crowded with strange men wearing all sorts of beards and moustaches. Let’s look and amaze at the most epic ones!

More than 300 bearded men arrived at Legang from 20 different countries to boast of their facial hair. The participants competed in three categories (moustaches, partial beards, full beards) and 18 various nominations.

We have selected the most remarkable pictures from the championship to share with you.

Enjoy and tell your friends about it!

What beards and moustaches do you like most? Share your impressions in the comments!


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