The new map of the Milky Way is amazing 2/28/2016 •

The most detailed image of our galaxy has been released recently. The map called ATLASGAL was completed by collecting data from the Southern Hemisphere of Earth. The result is a stunning and amazing view of the Milky Way!

The name of this project is ATLASGAL, which is short for the APEX Telescope Large Area Survey of the Galaxy. The new map released is at least four times more detailed than the previous one! It contains 167 million pixels. Decades of the researchers’ work, involving a satellite and two telescopes, resulted in this incredible image.

The importance of the project for the scientific world is great. We may only be amazed by this inspiring view, impossible to be seen with our naked eyes. But for scientists this map is an opportunity to have an exciting insight into the eternal mysteries of the Universe. They now can study the dust and gas captured, exploring the fate of the dead stars and predicting the future of the living ones.

Are you inspired by this stunning picture? Science and technology are developing rapidly nowadays, and now everyone is able to have a profound look at the distant corners of our galaxy. What our near future will look like? Share your thoughts and feelings in the comments below!

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