The painted town 9/10/2015 •

The painted town

Mexican authorities asked street artists to paint the houses of Palmitas, a small neighbourhood of the Mexican town Pachuca. The result exceeded all expectations!

A team of young street artists quite famous for their graffiti agreed to help the Mexican government and got down to business with great enthusiasm. This team under the name of Germen Crew painted the facades of 209 houses which equals 20,000 square meters or 23,920 square yards. After the task had been completed, the houses situated on a hill slope became bright with all colors of the rainbow palette!

The aim of this event was purely social – to unite the miscellaneous population of the district. According to the local mass media, the event had a really positive impact upon the people living there. 452 families were engaged in the project (and this is about 1008 people) and felt solidarity with the other people of the town community. Moreover, there is an obvious decline in crime and violence among teenagers now.


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