The picture of three doctors lying on the floor went viral: the reason will amaze you! 6/6/2016 •

This story happened in the Chinese province of Fujian and made a great impression on people all over the world. In the pictures one can see doctors lying right on the floor who have just finished a 32-hour operation!

This epic surgery started on June 22, 2014 at 8.30 am and finished 32 hours later thus beating the world’s record as the most durable operation.

The patient had a very serious and complicated diagnosis - an aneurysm and brain-stem hemangioblastoma. The surgical team had to perform several risky procedures within one operation in order to save the patient’s life. During the operation the doctors managed to rest only for 2 hours.

One of the patient’s relatives said that the surgery lasted so long that he even started to worry whether the doctors would bear such a strain.

Luckily, the surgery ended up successfully and the doctors fell on the floor incredibly tired but happy.

One of the surgeons Dr. Chen Jianping says that they are not the only doctors who are ready to do everything possible for a patient. There are a lot of such doctors, we just don’t know about them and their everyday deeds.

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