The shocking truth about sugar - white substance that shortens our lifespan! 5/22/2016 •

Does your mouth water when you think about delicious gooey cookies, crunchy candies or velvety cakes? Well, after looking through this post, you’ll certainly think twice before eating these sweets!

Most of us cannot imagine life without sugar. Without it our food would seem tasteless and boring. However, the plain truth is that sucrose (a scientific name for sugar extracted from cane or beet sugar) brings people much more harm than pleasure. For example, have you heard that sugar acts as a powerful immunosuppressor?!

The terrible thing is that sugar is a silent killer: you will never know that it affects your body until you have some nasty illness. But ironically, even then you may have no idea that the illness was triggered or caused by overconsumption of sugar.

Unfortunately, today sugar is added to wide variety of manufactured food and drinks because it is a cheap and easy way to improve the flavor of products.

Watch this amazing video to discover other surprising and frightening facts about sugar and five simple ways to make your diet much healthier!

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