The story of a rescued Biscuits. It will make your eyes rain tears of joy! 11/30/2015 •

The story of a rescued Biscuits. It will make your eyes rain tears of joy!

Biscuits is a southern flying squirrel who was found half dead, lying on the sidewalk by one good guy. He picked her up and posted pictures on the internet that very day. Everybody told him that the squirrel would die as he is not an animal rehabber.

Well, now Biscuits is his best friend. She is about 3 months old and you know what? She is super awesome...and super healthy. She enjoys jumping on everything and fights with dogs. Her favorite food is pecans and she really loves her big friend who rescued her!

She is so tiny, fragile and cute! And we can't stop admiring Jeff - the guy, who saved her life. We think that the world needs more people like Jeff. And what do you think? Please tell us in the comments below!

And now we'd like to show you some photos of Biscuits:

We respect Jeff for his kindness and really like Biscuits! Do you feel the same? Please, share your opinion in the comments below!

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