The unique Devil’s Bridge in Germany: incredibly beautiful and mystical place! 4/5/2016 •

The unique Devil’s Bridge in Germany: incredibly beautiful and mystical place!

This 150 years old bridge is a really unique one: it was designed in such a way that the bridge itself and its reflection in the water create an illusion of a perfect circle whatever angle you choose for observation!

Rakotzbrücke or the Devil’s Bridge was built almost a century and a half ago together with other stone constructions in Kromlauer Park. The park is situated near the town of Tschernitz, Brandenburg, Germany.

This architectural masterpiece got such a vivid name due to many legends and mystical stories related to it. According to one of the stories, an unsuccessful architect had to design a unique bridge, but didn’t know how to do it and closed a deal with an evil spirit. The latter helped him, but in return wanted to take a soul of a person who would be first to cross the bridge. But the cunning architect let a dog cross the new-built bridge; the spirit got angry and disappeared in the river.

There is also an interesting belief that if you sail in a boat under the bridge at full moon, you will discover mystic abilities inside yourself. But under no event should you look at your reflection in the river or touch the water.

Some people even believe the bridge is a portal to another world: in 1983, two tourists from Sweden went missing in unclear circumstances; the last time they were seen alive near the Rakotzbrücke.

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