The unique painted village in Poland: a must-see for true art lovers! 3/18/2016 •

The unique painted village in Poland: a must-see for true art lovers!

Zalipie, a village in South-East of the country, deserves the title of the most beautiful Polish village thanks to its uniquely painted wooden houses!

The marvelous folk tradition can be traced back to the end of the 19th century, when some local women started to decorate the inside of their cottages, especially stoves, with floral motives. Later they started decorating outer walls and household buildings as well.

At first, paintings were unpretentious and naïve. Women used clay, red bricks, fat and ash to make paints. Of course, such paints were short-lived and every spring women had to refresh the murals. In the course of time paintings were getting more whimsical and vibrant.

The tradition is passed on from generation to generation and today there are about 20 cottages and several dozens of household buildings covered with colorful murals in the area. Besides, there is a special school where one can learn the peculiarities of this art technique.

Every year the famous village attracts thousands of tourists and art experts from all over the world.

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